12 Tips To Know Before You Go To Myanmar

12 Tips To Know Before You Go To Myanmar

12 Tips To Know Before You Go To Myanmar

Are you planning for your next vacation? Do you want to enjoy a unique experience and get the most out of your tour? If you ever dreamt to enjoy life away from home, it’s got to be at Myanmar. But before you get there, here are some surprising tips to know before you go to Myanmar. Of course you need to know some basic ethics about the place so that you won’t feel out of place.

  1. The Two Most Important Words To Know

As a foreigner, language can be a key barrier, especially when interacting with most locals who may not be fluent in English. Again, knowing one or two Burmese words makes feel comfortable every time you’re in Myanmar. Hello (min ga la ba) and thank you (ce-zu tin-ba-deh) and you’re good to go.

  1. Religious Rituals To Observe

When you are there, remember to remove your footwear every time you enter religious places and pagodas. So, remember to pack some few flip-flops or carry a plastic carrier bag just in case no bag seller is around or the pagodas don’t offer storage space for your footwear.

Also, don’t point with your foot or point them at a Buddha since this is not considered right.

  1. Know When Not To Use Your Left Hand

Every time you eat or pass things, make sure you use your right hand. Left hand, no.

  1. Don’t Worry At The Red-Stains Along The Way

You will see a lot of red stains along the way. This should not worry you. It is the saliva that results from a popular chewing tobacco called betel nut that is so addictive and has a bitter taste that makes people salivate a lot.

  1. Some Knowledge About Burmese Language Can Help

Burmese spoken and written language can be a bit puzzling. That should not worry you much. Just be aware that the numbers you see in Myanmar are Burmese, but not Roman numbers.

  1. You’ll Find Many Caged Birds Sellers

Whenever you see them, don’t enquire thinking that they own a pet shop. NO, these birds are born by worshippers who buy the birds and set them free as they perform their Buddhist traditions to earn good karma.

  1. Don’t Mind Slow Internet Connectivity

If you are used to fast internet, you may experience issues with slow internet connectivity as you use Wi-Fi and your cellphone. This is being worked one and there’s hope that it’s got to improve.

  1. If In Bangkok, Getting Myanmar Visa Is Easy

If you are applying for your visa from Bangkok, it is now easy to get a same day Myanmar Visa in Bangkok.

  1. Carry Enough Cash

Note that all transactions in Myanmar are mainly in cash. For small cash transactions, use kyat currency and for large transactions, you can use your dollars.

  1. ATMs Available

At some few points, you can access ATM services and withdraw some cash for shopping and paying bills.

  1. Apply For The Right Visa

Depending on the duration of your visit, apply for a visa that allows you spend enough days in Myanmar. So before you apply for a visa, have your visit well planned.

  1. Transport In Myanmar

One of the key thing to know before you go to Myanmar is ways to get around in the city. Bus / taxi are the main city transportation means and sometimes will have to walk on foot.  But to make the most effective memories out of your vacation, it is suggested arranged everything ahead with your local expert or tour operator.

Need Help?

For more tips to know before you go to Myanmar, contact your tour operator to help you enjoy your trip to the fullest with no worries.