7 Quick Tips About Family Travel In Myanmar

7 Quick Tips About Family Travel In Myanmar

7 Quick Tips About Family Travel In Myanmar

Are you planning to travel in style during your next trip? Do you wish to experience a smarter, inexpensive and better travel with kids? Family travel can be a real hassle if you don’t know how to plan well.

What No One Will Tell You About Myanmar?

Myanmar is one of the most popular attraction sites in Asia and there are amazing things you can enjoy as a family. The place is child friendly with a lot of exciting scenes for kids of all ages.  Kids are delicate to handle and at times stubborn. If you are planning to come along with your little ones, you need this information for you to enjoy the best experience ever. Myanmar is a wonderful destination, with wonderful people and wonderful sights where you and your family can enjoy lots of adventure.  Taking your kids to Myanmar is a must-do thing if it’s got to be fun. But, the following 7 quick tips about family travel in Myanmar will help you a big deal.

  1. Transporting around With Kids

Indeed, if there’s a key aspect to consider during your family travel in Myanmar is finding reliable, cheap and comfortable transport for your family. Book your private transfers in advance to have a ready pick-up from Yangon International Airport to your destination of choice. You need ample space for your kids and belongings. If you don’t want it to be painful and difficult, don’t rely much on taxi. Public transport leaves a lot to be desired. They aren’t as comfy and reliable as you may think.

  1. Food

After a long day family travel in Myanmar, you need to make a stop-over at a hotel and enjoy delicious, tasty and nutritious food away from home. Finding the best hotels in Myanmar depends on your kids’ taste buds. If they love foreign meals, there’s a lot all of you can enjoy in hotels situated in the remote areas. Some hotels in Burma offer international cuisines. To avoid contamination, avoid tap water and icy drinks. Whole fruits are better for your health.

  1. Is Family Travel In Myanmar Expensive?

Life in Burma is a little bit expensive than what you would expect in a developing countries but not much compared to Japan and North America. In fact even in the remote areas like began, things are a bit expensive. Plan your budget well in advance and carry extra cash to cater for emergencies. Find a local travel expert to help you know prices of transport, hotels and tours if you are travelling in Myanmar for the first time.

  1. Somewhere Comfy To Stay

Depending on your budget, you will find hotels with family rooms and cots for kids under two or mattresses for bigger kids. A lot still needs to be done to improve on accommodation in the remote areas; but for the urban cetres, 4-5 star hotels are available to offer you and your kids all the comfy and elegance you need.

  1. Purchase your kids’ essentials

Most of the items can be found in Myanmar, but some will be hard to find in remote areas.  Please remember to pack special items for your baby: Diapers, blankets, Plastic bags, Wipes, Diaper rash cream, Small bottles of sanitizing hand gel, and baby lotion, baby wash, tissues, mosquito repellent etc., etc.

  1. Leave behind your laptop

Wi-Fi connections are not that great in some of the hotels in remote areas.  Plus, Myanmar is truly authentic place to enjoy real life of people, heart touching smiles and purely natural environs and many more things which are not enough to enjoy during your vacation. Therefore, visiting Myanmar is an excellent chance of experiencing life without the Internet or modern electronic gadgets.

  1. Best Time to Go

In a nutshell, although you can visit Myanmar all year round, due to its tropical climate. However, if you are with little kids, try to avoid visiting Myanmar from June to September . During this time (especially from July to September), the wet season is in full swing. But if you are travelling with bigger kids around 14 and older, it is an option to travel also in that period, as the prices are cheaper.

So Now, are you Travelling with Kids to Myanmar?

If you all you want is the best, unique and memorable family travel in Myanmar, get in touch with our local tour operators to help you with more tips for family travel in Myanmar. You’ll also get to know the most children-friendly destinations in Burma for the most amazing tour you’ve been longing for.