Exploring Mandalay: A Paradise For Foodies!

Exploring Mandalay: A Paradise For Foodies!

Exploring Mandalay: A Paradise For Foodies!

With more and more tourists express their interest to explore the untamed shores of Myanmar, surprisingly the busy town of Mandalay which is a modern city in ancient surrounding also getting their attention not only for sightseeing purpose but for its delicious food which is now worldwide famous. It is its scrumptious traditional food which making Mandalay a destination that’s not to be missed while you are visiting Myanmar. And it’s a bet enjoying your Mandalay day tour will make you fall in love with its street food. If you are a gourmet and your tastebud demands for tasting the fingerlicious cuisine of new you’re your tour to Mandalay will offer a full of culinary experiences

Having close proximity to the Shan region, Mandalay cuisines are greatly inspired by the Shan. Despite that, the culinary experience here still much centered on street food. Today the post is completely dedicated to the foodies who love to try traditional dishes ever new country, here is a list of the Mandalay top 4 best foods that you must try in the city:

  1. Mandalay Mont Ti (Noodle Salad)

Mont Ti or Nan Gyi Thoke, in a simple sense, we know it with a name called Noodle Salad. Noodles are the favorite of all but Mandalay specialty is something different and why not, the city has to stand by its title- as a paradise for foodies. Thus, here is the traditional Mandalay specialty- Mont Ti that tourist in Myanmar loves to eat. Traditionally, the recipe of the dish consists of fresh thin rice noodles, meat or chicken curry, and onion which is served with red hot chili paste. Too yummy to taste!

  1. Bow See (Bun)

Bow See is the next name in the list of must-try food inland of scrumptious cuisines. Generally, the dish looks like a Xiao Long Bao in Chinese cuisine, which has its own unique flavor of fluffy and soft buns. It is delicious steamed bun filled with ingredients that vary from meat to vegetable as per the foodies’ preference. The taste of this delightful bun is enough to fulfill your empty stomach!

  1. Mandalay Mee Shay

One more tasty food in Mandalay which should not be missed from your tour in Myanmar– Mee Shay made of rice noodles mixed with a hairpin bend, pork, pepper and bean sprouts. In Mandalay, you will see various stalls are selling the Mandalay’s favorite Mee Shay traditional cuisine and people enjoy eating it. Don’t miss it!

  1. Fried Cricket

If you love to eat crickets in different styles, you should immediately contact the Myanmar travel agency because Mandalay is the one land which is known to present hundred differently cooked delicious cricket with a new flavor every time. When fried with mixed tongue twisting spices, cricket creates an unforgettable flavor which you will just love and demand more and more.

These are just a few names from the paradise of Mandalay mouthwatering food which is waiting for your tastebud to taste it. If you have the plan to travel Myanmar, just visit Mandalay for once just to fulfill your craving for something unique.