Myanmar Community Based Tourism: Exceptional experiences and Memories

Myanmar Community Based Tourism: Exceptional experiences and Memories

As for being one of the Travelife Partner companies in Myanmar, Beyond Boundaries strongly committed to contribute in the communities and environments. So do our dearest customers, we believe. Beside we would love to provide a meaningful way of travel for our clients while spending their precious vacation. Spending vacation without any purpose would not leave any memories for the travelers. Visiting communities make sure enjoyable memories and experience last forever. You will discover at least followings out of your communities’ visits …

Discover Crops and farms

It is always wonderful to see the foods in the crops and farms that you are consuming daily basic at your home, especially for your kids to help supporting their lesson in their classroom. Seeing how farmers grow them and harvest them in reality and joining some part of their work would be great fun and experience for you and your kids.

Mingles with Local People

You cannot refuse that the most highlight parts of your travel is learning the interesting lives in the communities, spending time with them, eating locally prepared foods. No other things could could be more engaging and make you longing for a vacation that you make new and true friends.

and many more that your encounters along the trip.


However, it is very important to support the right and properly developed communities since the aim of the Community-based tourism (CBT) in Myanmar is to generate economic benefits through offering their products that range from the local communities, lifestyles, natural resources, and cultures.

To help our guests get the most authentic experience and the idea of choosing the right communities according to their interests and in order to support locals properly, here we come up with our brochure for our partners and clients easy reference. Enjoy our works done with love. We hope this would give you some really helpful tips.


Myanmar CBT Brochure: Beyond Boundaries Myanmar
Download Myanmar CBT Brochure: Beyond Boundaries Myanmar