Tipping In Myanmar

Tipping In Myanmar

Tipping In Myanmar

If someone goes out of his/her way to help you, it’s always fair to give a tip. But have you ever found yourself in a confusing state where you’re not sure whether your tip is going to impress or intimidate the receiver? Did you find it irritating when they demanded for a tip, yet their service was not impressive? I’ve got some amazing ideas and inspirations about tipping in Myanmar.

Although tipping is not part of Myanmar culture, it seems most tourists are tipping nowadays. A tip is not a must and you should not feel offended as long as you pay for your services but someone is did his/her job really well, you can motivate them with a tip. It will do you no harm.

Why Must I Give A Tip, Anyway?

Every time you visit a new place away from home, and you don’t have an idea about everything in that place. Sometimes we go places and we are totally blank. I mean, not unless someone picks you from the airport, you don’t have an idea of the directions to your destination site. The guys who pick you at the airport, the driver, the private guide or the hotel / restaurant attendants are very instrumental in your vacation at all times. They feel appreciated every time you go out of your way and give a tip. Here’s some suggested tipping amount in Myanmar.

How Much Should I Give As A Tip In Myanmar?

Anytime give between $5-$10- it’s enough! The best tips for guides in Myanmar actually depends on several factors like the duration of service and time. Sometimes, these guys go ahead and serve us even when their time is up and they don’t complain. For such a guy, $7-$10 per day is okay for a good job done.

Tipping for drivers in Myanmar should be $3-$5 per day for top service. In most cases, this depends on how much he is driving you at. I don’t like the nagging attitude of drivers who demand for a tip. I like it when I give out of my own will. How about you?

If you wish, throwing some two or more dollars to the friendly porters and maids and the hotels will make their day. At times a ‘keep change’ motivates them to serve you better and long for your visit the following day.

And to the restaurants, it’s not a must you tip. But if you feel convinced that their services were worth tipping, you can do a tip of about 10% of the total bill.

When Not To Tip

If you are not careful, some guys will just take advantage of you, simply because you are a foreigner in that land. I don’t know whether you’ve ever met these guys who aren’t good at all and their service is poor, but they keep nagging for a tip? Or you give them a tip and they want more? If you are not happy with the service, don’t tip! If they demand for tipping and you feel like it’s not worth it, keep your dollars for yourself. You can save the dollars and use the money for shopping or something else.