Top Things to do in and around Bagan

Top Things to do in and around Bagan

Top Things to do in and around Bagan

Bagan with its several thousand ancient pagodas and temples is recognized as the most desired destination in Myanmar. You will see the magnificent temple architecture, incredibly frescos paintings, brilliant stucco carvings and the most elegant Buddha Images.

Top must see Temples in Bagan

Ananda Temple: Well known for its grace, best architecture and glazed terracotta, this early 12 century monument was donated by King Kyanzitthar in 1091 A.D. It’s one of the finest and most venerated temples in Bagan.

Shwezigon Pagoda: Glimmering in the sun, the huge gold plated Shwezigon pagoda is one of the oldest and most impressive monuments of Bagan. It was commenced and completed by the two very famous Kings in Bagan history, Anawrahta, the founder of Bagan Kingdom and King Kyanzittha.  Construction started around 1059 and completed at the end of the 11th century.

Dhammayangyi Temple: Dhammayan Gyi Temple was built by King Narathu in A.D 1170 and well noted for its “Massiveness and incredibly fine brickwork. It’s located about a kilometer to the southeast of the city walls directing Minnanthu.

Thatbyinnyu Temple: Towering over the other monuments of Bagan, this majestic temple was built by King Alongsithu about the middle of the 12th century A.D and its title signifies “Omniscience”, one of the attributes of Buddha. It stands within the city walls, some 500 yards to the south-west of the Ananda.

Ballooning over Bagan

The incomparable breathtaking view over the ancient temples of Bagan, local villages and the mighty Ayeyerwaddy River from floating Balloon is the most exciting and intriguing attempt during you stay in this ancient city. This charming landscape dotted with antiquated temples and monuments can be seen from balloon flights operated from October through the end of March. Not knowing exactly where the flight is going to land is always exciting and part of the adventure!

Evening Horse drawn cart riding

Spare one evening and enjoy riding the horse drawn cart among the ancient temples of Bagan is a worth try during your stay. Then stop at the one of the recommend spots for enjoying breathtaking view of Bagan’s Sunset.

Boat Excursion to Kyauk Gu U Min

Take a private river boat and set off along the Irrawaddy River which is considered to be the life stream of Myanmar. You will cruise upriver toward Kyauk Gu U Min. Throughout your cruise you will witness everyday Burmese life along the river: fishermen, local ferry boats, riverside villages and views of the Bagan temples. You’ll stop a while at Sae Lan village and explore a typical riverside village along the Irrawaddy. The friendly people live very simple life working as farmers and fishermen but enjoying happy life. Continue by boat to Kyauk Gu U Min, a spectacular a cave temple on the banks of the Irrawaddy, with notable sandstone carvings and a massive Buddha image. The boat ride takes about one hour each way.

Evening Sightseeing and Sunset boat ride

Start in the after to the rural village of Minnanthu, one of Bagan’s least visited areas.  Here you will explore temples such as Payathonzu, Lemyentha and Nandamannya before heading to the riverside pier.  Board a local boat for a slow cruise down the Irrawaddy River.  As you cruise along, observe the lifestyle of the fishermen and riverside villagers as well as enjoying the unique perspective of Bagan’s temples.

Mountain Popa

Mt. Popa, an extinct volcano, is believed to be home to legendary 37 Nats (Myanmar guardian-spirits). It is about 60km from Bagan and also famous for its varieties of floras and faunas. 777 steep stairs run up to the 737 meters (2.417-ft) high peak of its extinct volcanic vent (Taungkalat) with pagodas and small temples perched at the crest. On the way to or from Popa, stops for taking pictures of rural lives and enjoy looking at the workers climbing the palm trees to collect toddy juice for making jaggery.


Salay is a colorful and ancient religious town located approximately 50 km south of Bagan. Numerous ancient monasteries elaborated with beautiful woodcarvings and the beauty of this compact city of colonial buildings, monasteries and pagodas can be seen in this small village. Among others, a 150-year-old wooden monastery with three-dimensional wood carved figures and beautifully carved ceilings, Yokesone Kyaung is a must.


Pakkoku, a small town famous as a tobacco trading centre and for its weaving shops can be visited either on an excursion by boat from Bagan or on the way by car from Monywa to Bagan, Pakokku and its surroundings offer the travellers a unique glimpse into the typical village life in the area. The characteristic Myanmar cotton blankets and cheroot making factory can also be observed here. The nearby town of Pakhangyi has one of the oldest wooden monasteries in Upper Myanmar, with 254 teak pillars.

Cooking Class in Bagan

It is situated at the same place Wet Kyi Inn, Bagan . The Cooking Class is just local house. The place  where  the  cooking  class  is  inside  the village, near local  houses , near  school , near pagoda  compound .

On the way to  our  cooking  class, there  are  so  many different  kinds  of  trees   such  as   Guava , mango, Jake , Banana , Papaya and so on. The foods which you cook are just typical foods. The food you have cooked are amazing taste and you will get unique experience. So, you will never forget our cooking class. You can feel as they are in real Myanmar life with local people.