Myanmar has still many remote places where different ethnic groups and communities are residing traditionally with interesting culture, life styles and interesting daily lives. Whenever you hear of community adventures, the opportunities you may imagine are to

  • mingle with local artisans and buy handicrafts made by them.
  • Be Served local food.
  • Sight of virgin waterfalls and hot springs, untouched by industrial revolution, mountain trekking, biking trails, forest walks, bird watching, kayaking etc.
  • Overnight home-stays and B&B lodges.
  • Glimpses of traditional dance forms and regional music played by local artists on conventional instruments.


It is very important that local communities are getting a fair share from tourism expenditure and preserving their cultural and environmental assets. We make sure that our business and our clients’ activities are making any deteriorating effects on the local community’s way of life or traditions and environment by selecting the well-organized and well-managed community based tourism activities. If you are an enthusiast for experiencing different communities, then please find our brochure for more information on Myanmar community based destinations.