“We love the world we are living in and our responsibility is there to save the world in return.”

You may have noticed in every news now a day that our world is getting more and more in critical situation of global warming and uncontrollable and harmful plastic and chemical wastes everywhere.

For a developing country like ours, it is very important to consider the sustainable concept while working on the development as most of the country’s population has still limited access to the education and so we believe through tourism is the best and most practical mean to give them sustainable education while providing them job opportunities. This is one of our Beyond Boundaries Myanmar team’s purposes to create sustainable tour programs and support sustainable activities providers around the countries.

Thought the concept of supporting locals and maintaining natural environment is always in place while designing our tour programs, this is a special selection which we specialize and highlight the sustainable impact on society, culture and environment. It is very important that all the local and regional stakeholders understand why the sustainability is critical for the long term survival of their business and for our generations. Therefore, by promoting sustainable products we are committed to educate our staffs, our stakeholders and everyone involve in the supply chain and we spare every 1% of our income to the social enterprises and environmental conservation projects.