Bringing Drones Into Myanmar

Bringing Drones Into Myanmar

Bringing Drones Into Myanmar

The holidays are now here with us and this is the best time to enjoy life away from home. If you are a drone’s enthusiast, here’s everything you need to know about bringing drones into Myanmar. Drones laws in Myanmar are constantly changing and you’d rather stay informed to ensure a calm stay in the city.

Is Drone Allowed In Myanmar?

Yes, drone is allowed in Myanmar but on several conditions. Drones can be dangerous if they fall on vehicles on or peoples’ heads and this can result to heavy fines or spending years in jail. Before you fly your drone in Myanmar, you must have a permit for either recreational drone use or commercial drone use. Application of permission can be done only through registered travel agent in Myanmar who take care of your whole trip and officially has to guarantee that you would not break any regulations during your stay. Therefore you need to book your travel through an agent who would do all the necessary arrangement on behalf of you.

Permission Application Process 

Permission Application process usually takes about 2 months since it goes through different Ministries ( Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Immigration, Myanmar Customs Department, Ministry of Religions, Ministry of Transport’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) etc., and related sub departments).

Requirement for Drone application: 

1. Detailed information of travellers with passport copies

2. Full travel plan with accommodations and daily transportation type

3. Full facts about Drone

4. Describe each shooting places on each region and division with Coordinate Point ( Latitude, Longitude)

5. Accompany Guide Licenses and details

6. Registered Company’s License

With all the information provided above, your travel agent will have to prepare all the forms in Burmese and start application process.

Cost for Drone Permission Service 

The fees is charged within the range $ 250 ~ $ 400 depending on the applying agent you are using.

However, if you are buying a complete travel package through, some travel agent provide the service as complementary.

Drones Law In Myanmar

Keep note of the drones law in Myanmar for convenient and safe drone use for the duration you will be there. Drones are banned from crowded areas and areas like airports where aircrafts fly. Before you fly your drone, ensure that it is during daylight and on good weather conditions. Drones should not operate near religious places or sensitive areas like military facilities and near police and local authorities. Also not allowed to capture famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. When flying your drones, respect others privacy.

Bringing Drones Into Myanmar?

If you are planning to carry along your drones into Myanmar, that’s a brilliant idea, but before then, you need to check on some key considerations rest you suffer loss. During peak seasons or when taking flights with different connections, it’s always important you consider the safety of your valuable assets so that you may not suffer loss if they get lost on the way.

What’s the value of your drone? If your drone is worth more than $1,000 USD, consider shipping it because most of the airlines do not cover liability to lost luggage exceeding that amount.

Where to keep drones batteries? Yes, it’s important you ensure that you do not put your drones batteries into your checked luggage. They should be kept in a lipo battery bag and is put together with your carry-on bag. There’re strict rules surrounding lithium-ion batteries and they are considered dangerous and explosive. If you fail to follow the rules on how to package your lithium-ion batteries, you may incur heavy fines, the airline might seize them or you may be denied boarding. So, follow instructions to the latter.

Upon arrival to Myanmar, ensure that you talk to the ministry of Transport’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), since it is the government’s body that deals with all matters related to UAV’s and drones. If you are a drone’s hobbyist, find out about the areas open for volunteers to fly their drones without much restrictions.

Before you fly your commercial drone, apply for permission before take-off. The DCA will direct you on when and how high you got to fly your drones as well as give you approval depending on the site.

If you’ve been to Myanmar with your drones earlier, check on the current updates on drones laws and regulations and find out the changes that apply to ensure you conform to the laws and avoid trouble. Otherwise, if you abide by the drones laws in Myanmar, it’s got to be the best experience ever and you’ll enjoy memorable moments during your stay in Myanmar.