Beyond Boundaries Myanmar understands that the tourism sector is needed to be involved in a wide range of social responsibility engagement programmes so as to invest back into the community and environment in which we operate. It is very important to help the tourism industry for the long-term benefit of local people, the environment, travellers along the supply chain of the industry. The entire premise of our business is to market and distribute more responsible holidays and experience holidays in communities, thereby creating more jobs for local people, greater income for local people and increased benefits for conservation, whilst at the same time minimising negative impacts on local environments, cultures and communities. We believe that through our social responsibility activities we can assist in improving people’s lives and improving their knowledge in sustainability of their environment.

Management Practices

Beyond Boundaries Co.,Ltd. understands and abides by the employees’ rights according to the Myanmar Labour Law. Our staff has a safe and supportive working environment consisting of above average wages, paid yearly leave (holidays, maternity, and sickness), and transparent contracts. The management is directly involved in the sustainable and responsible practices and continuous assessment has been done together to best address or reduce negative impacts on all humans, animals and environments.

Our employees are not discriminated against in hiring practices such as applications for jobs, promotion, reward, access to training and senior positions, job assignments, conditions of employment including wages, benefits, discipline or termination on the basis of their gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, religion/beliefs, or sexual orientation. We prohibit our staff members from discrimination or any related act among each other or within the organization.

We do not employ children younger than 18 years of age within our organisation and we distribute our code of conduct to our suppliers or partner provided that the children are employed in accordance with country law and regulations or the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, whichever provides the most protection.

Our Employee are our core value of the organisations’ success and we provide continuous training to our staff members on career and professional development, improve their sustainable and responsible knowledge and all other business related training to excel their skills.


We are dedicated to implement sustainable activities in the office by providing continuous training in the office and raising awareness in the team. Then through the team activities we will extend to our suppliers, partners and everyone involved in the supply chain to contribute affectively on the environmental impacts. We have implemented proper waste management system by separating plastic waste, papers, tin/can or electronic wastes. Internally we practice simple activities by posting stickers or sign to reduce water usage, use of power and cutting plastic waste.

We involve in tree planting activities of Union of Myanmar Travel Association’s (UMTA’s) CSR team whenever given a chance. We cooperate with “Oh My Trash” local waste management company to collect our office waste. Clean plastic wastes are collected and occasionally delivered to the Chu Chu workshop where handmade souvenir are made from plastic and other reusable waste. Other general waste and food waste are also supervised by our in-house sustainable champion.

Our team has been joining the sustainable training in Travelife system and is keep improving their knowledge and awareness by learning and performing our office sustainable action plan. Therefore, we intend to be a more committed team and more actively participating on sustainable activities like tree planting, cleaning projects, and contributing to environment from carbon offsetting program.


We respect the societies along the supply chain and social cultures and norm of each community in the destination. We distribute do’s and don’ts for tourists in our destination to all our guests and clients.

We are running a project, Yangon Walks, which is helping freshly graduated junior guides to get first-hand experience before joining the career as a tour guide. Ten percent of contributions we get from our guests is donated to the the social enterprise and Hospitality training center called Linkage restaurant which trains young locals who wish to follow their career in the culinary industry. We will be supporting more of such similar enterprises actively and effectively working on helping young generation for their career development. 


We concentrate on inclusive business whenever we create new products for our clients. We carefully survey the community based tourism projects and suppliers who organize effectively and passionately according to the international standards. And we include such activities and communities in planning memorable holidays for our clients. We ensure local people and businesses are getting benefit from involving in providing services for the international tourists. For selecting transportation and accommodation suppliers, we have clear guidelines for our staff members and detail code of conduct for our suppliers to follow in cooperation with us.

We support the handicrafts made by local artisans, souvenirs from the shops own by locals or support local people and food and restaurants by local people whenever we buy presents or planning a trip for our clients.

Animal Welfare

We avoid promoting the activities that include animal abuse in any form and we carefully choose the providers who treat the animal nicely according to international standards. By doing this, we increase animal protection and create travelers interest in supporting rehabilitation and conservation efforts.

Code of Conduct

Beyond Boundaries Co.,Ltd has defined clear code of conduct for all its management, staff members, suppliers and partner along the supply chain in order to implement the best practices for sustainable and responsible activities. 

If you have any questions on our responsible and sustainable activities and policy, please feel free to contact. 

Mya Nandar Aung 

Founder & MD 

Beyond Boundaries Myanmar 


P: +959799159337