Beyond Boundaries Myanmar understands that the tourism sector is needed to be involved in a wide range of social responsibility engagement programmes so as to invest back into the community in which we operate. It is very important to help the tourism industry for the long-term benefit of local people, the environment, travellers along the supply chain of the industry. The entire premise of our business is to market and distribute more responsible holidays and experience holidays in communities, thereby creating more jobs for local people, greater income for local people and increased benefits for conservation, whilst at the same time minimising negative impacts on local environments, cultures and communities. We believe that through our social responsibility activities we can assist in improving people’s lives.

However, since we are still very young company, we cannot address all the development needs of our society. Where we can, we will actively assist and sometimes may form partnerships so as to increase capacity. We are dedicated to comply more activities to become a leading sustainable and responsible tour operator in Myanmar.

The ways the company intends to be involved in corporate social responsibility is through cleaning campaigns basically involved briefing the community and customers on the advantages of having a clean environment, now and in the future and replacing reusable water bottles to reduce the use of plastic bottles as a good corporate citizen. For us, this is a continuous journey - we still have work to do. We are currently also joining CBI coaching programme and joining travelife online training for the sustainability of the business as well as the whole supply chain of the industry.

Though we cannot apply yet with only a few members in the team, we will try our best to do careful research in the near future to start using hotels that abides by the scheme for responsible tourism as much as they could and we are going to work with local suppliers who understand our concept of responsible tourism and have willingness to cooperate for the long term benefit of the industry. We will stop using the hotels and suppliers from the different stations if they are found to have misrepresented their practices on responsibility issues.

Currently we are donating 10% of our income from the Yangon Walking tours to the social enterprise and Hospitality training center called Linkage restaurants which train young locals who wish to follow the career in the culinary industry. We are currently still struggling with the market for the whole business and as soon as business is catching up with Beyond Boundaries, we will be supporting more of such similar enterprises actively and effectively working on helping young generation for their career development. 

As we have recently joined Travelife, we are going have our in-house sustainability coordinator.
We turn off computers and other electrical items overnight or during holidays or when all these devices are not in use. We work under the principles of reduce, reuse then recycle. We commit to being a 'paperless' office except for essential documentation, and use both sides of the paper before recycling. Printed materials are kept to a minimum. We’re definitely not perfect and we’re keen to get better at this step by step. We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas within this policy and the education and training of all employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.

We are passionate about creating working place which is supportive, empowering, friendly, fun and which rewards excellence and loyalty. We offer staff flexible full-time and part-time working arrangements. We are committed to a good work/life balance for our staff. Staff are also encouraged to undertake courses as and when applicable. We have planned to initiate a profit share scheme whereby 10 percent of profits is shared amongst staff in the near future.